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O.A. Cherkasova «N.K. Roerich and America»

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This event became a certain apotheosis in Nicholas Roerich's indefatigable educational and organisational activity in the sphere of culture protection, in introducing to the international law system both a legal document – the Pact, that protects cultural values both during war and peace, and its accompanying symbol – the Banner of Peace, a sort of a “Red Cross of Culture”, that embodies the most sublime, universal principles produced by the mankind, viz. understanding culture as a unity of past, present and future achievements of humanity, this unity being impossible without their transmission, that is without cultural and educational process, and understanding of culture as a unity of science, art and religion.
That is what Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich himself wrote about the subject:

«On 15th of April in the White House all American countries signed out Pact with President Roosevelt present in person. This solemn act is not only a big step in promotion of the Pact, but it also makes the care of the American countries about preservation of cultural values unforgettable. In history of culture the day of 15th of April will remain the material evidence of a real concern for the true values of the mankind.
At the moment of this unforgettable event we cannot but remember several opinions about the Pact that could have been preliminary signs of its further development. The Patron of the third convention of the Pact and the honourable Chairman of the Standing Committee Minister Henry A. Wallace repeatedly convincingly expressed his assurance that the Pact will be accepted and thus will become a momentous step in development of the world culture». (8 May 1935, Tsagan-Kure).

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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