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O.A. Cherkasova «N.K. Roerich and America»

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The signing of the Roerich Pact by the leaders of twenty countries of Latin America and the USA.
Washington, The White House, 15 April 1935

Upon the signature of the Treaty President Roosevelt made the following speech that was radiobroadcast around the world:

It is most appropriate that on this day, designated as Pan-American Day by the Chief Executives of all the Republics of the American Continent, the Governments, members of the Pan-American Union, should sign a treaty which marks a step forward in the preservation of the cultural achievements of the Nations of this Hemisphere. In opening this Pact to the adherence of the Nations of the world, we are endeavouring to make of universal application one of the principles vital to the preservation of modern civilization.
This Treaty possesses a spiritual significance far deeper than the text of the instrument itself. It is but one of the many expressions of that basic doctrine of continental responsibility and continental solidarity which means so much to the present and to the future of the American Republics.
On the occasion of this celebration of Pan-American Day let us again dedicate ourselves to the task of translating into deeds the essential unity of interest of the Nations of this Continent. Let us also bring renewed allegiance to those high principles of international cooperation and helpfulness which, I feel assured, will be a great contribution to civilization by the Americas.

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