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O.A. Cherkasova «N.K. Roerich and America»

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Let us pay attention to the appraisal that N. Roerich gave to the important role played by American countries in this event, and first of all to the USA, the President of which was present at the signing of the Pact in his study at the White House as a sign of his especial respect of this international document.
It will not be an exaggeration to say that without active cultural, educational, enlightening and organizational work of N. Roerich in the USA, without employing of gifted people who shared his world outlook, his ideals of serving Culture, without a system of cultural institutions that he had created in America, this occurrence would have been impossible.
In this respect the history of cultural activity of N. Roerich in the USA and his unique experience gain a special significance.
Nicholas Roerich lived in the USA from 20 September 1920 till 8 May 1923. Then he visited the country on business three times in 1924, 1929 and 1934. But from 1920-s and till the day when he passed away N. Roerich maintained close contacts with his American employees, he continued to lead and participate in their activities.
Here the following question may arise: how did a Russian artist, who for various reasons had found himself in America, within three years manage to create several unique cultural institutions, including the Museum that became the foundation for his further activity of promoting the ideas of the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace-Banner of Culture on an international scale? The example of establishing the Roerich museum in 1923-1924, the museum that was named after the Russian artist, created even while he was still alive and with his active participation, as a model of universal cultural, educational and scientific centre, that embodied all the best ideas and notions on museums worked out by the mankind – this example stands alone in the history of culture.
This really marvellous phenomenon in the world culture doubtlessly deserves the greatest attention and detailed, comprehensive study, for it is a part not only of the history of culture of the USA and Russia, but also of the whole world.
It is appropriate to mention here that even today the work of the Roerich museum in the 1920-s and 1930-s – he period of its flourishing under the direction of N. Roerich – sets a classical example of all modern achievements in museum practice.
The history of activity of other cultural institutions created in 1920-s under the leadership of N. Roerich can also serve as a significant positive example of international cooperation in developing cultural establishments in America. Among them were Master Institute of United Arts; Art association "Cor Ardens" (Flaming heart); International Art Center "Corona Mundi" (Crown of the World) whose purpose was to assist cooperation of scholars and artists from different countries.

N.K. Roerich. «Corona Mundi». 1921.
N.K. Roerich. «Corona Mundi». 1921.

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