Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara
Nicholas Roerich
Estate Museum
in Izvara
O.A. Cherkasova «Museum as the center of ecological education»

On August, 7 2004 a field meeting of the Coordination Council of St. Petersburg Scientist Council took place in Izvara, the programme of the museum-council cooperation for studying the nature of Izvara as well as creation of a full-fledged exposition of natural studies and permanent scientific ecological center were discussed.

2 treaties were signed: “On Creative cooperation of N.K.Roerich’s museum and St. Petersburg Scientist Council” for 5 years which included aspects connected with ecological topics, namely, research and inventory of natural and cultural heritage in the territory of N.K. Rouerich’s museum in Izvara and surrounding landscapes of Volosovo district; with St. Petersburg Scientist Council for conduction in 2004 of preliminary field research for identification of content and spatial distribution of dominant groups of animals Izvara and surrounding landscapes of Volosovo district .

That day all Izvara visitors had a joyful feeling of long-expected event, meeting of the leading scientists of St. Petersburg with N.K. Roerich’s Izvara and beginning of the big joint work for studying and protection of this natural and historical monument.

The same year research on nature of Izvara by scientists of St. Petersburg Scientist Council began, the first expedition of St. Petersburg Scientist Council for studying biological diversity of Izvara and surrounding lands (entomological and zoological) was conducted in 2005, these studies continued together with hydrobiological and botanic research.

In summer 2005 the museum of N.K. Roerich with a support of St. Petersburg Scientist Council held a very representative meeting devoted to the topic of “Izvara as the natural monument”, it was attended by V.N. Stepanov, head of the Permanent Commission for Ecological Security of Leningrad region, members of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Scientist Council, leading scientists of Geographical faculty, St. Petersburg State University, professors of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region universities, representatives of public cultural organizations.

Participants of the meeting discussed the issue of protection and research of Izvara nature, opportunities to set up Cultural and Ecological center on the base of N.K.Roerich’s museum.

Thus, the programme included visiting of one of the museum objects – Studying house of the Agricultural colony which is the monument of both architecture and history as well as the monument which embodies the best traditions of Russian pedagogy which were incorporated in activity of the Agricultural colony for children deprived as a result of Russian-Japanese which was in Izvara in the 20th century. Cultural history of Izvara has a clear pedagogical line: even N.K. Roerich’s father K.F. Roerich tried to set up Agricultural school for peasants’ children, in 1914 a building of Agricultural colony was constructed, it began to work in 1916 under the slogan: “Who opens a school closes a prison”.

The colony studying house, now the part of N.K. Roerich’s museum, of 2500 sq m unites the central theatrical hall, workshops, classrooms and acting church consecrated in honour of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, it provides opportunities to use it as a comprehensive museum, scientific, cultural, ecological and educational center for children.

Discussion of environmental and cultural issues of Izvara resulted in decision to apply to the Committee for Ecological Security and Nature Management of the Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region with a proposal to create the monument of nature of regional importance within the mansion. The group for elaboration of this provision included representatives of the museum and members of St. Petersburg Scientist Council.

The unique opportunities to develop N.K. Roerich’s museum as a cultural and ecological center and tasks to preserve historical and cultural landscape of Izvara as the natural monument are closely interlinked…

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