Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara
Nicholas Roerich
Estate Museum
in Izvara
O.A. Cherkasova «Museum as the center of ecological education»

«…life in its cultural spiral stringently
takes us to the origin of everything.»
N.K. Roerich

Having stepped through the threshold of the third millennium the world faced challenge of choice which immutability concerns everyone.

In front of global social and ecological disasters the degree of responsibility for the future of the mankind actually becomes apocalyptic.

The system of values of a modern person faces inevitable analysis, search for reasons of what happens and active alternative. Ideals of culture, human-nature harmony, spiritual backbone of evolution become on the one hand the testing ground drawing dividing line between war and peace, creative and destructive activities, improvement and demise – namely, the inevitable, on the other hand the only aim and means of salvation of the planet and humanity.

According to A.Panarin, famous philosopher and political scientist:

"Judging upon many features the mankind has reached the necessity of planetary reformation which concerns the main principles of life order, values and priorities are bases for social practice, norms of popular behaviour…Modern culture is in crisis… Firstly, it regards life orienting function of culture, principles of life order connected with the statements of “Promethean man” as a conqueror of nature and history who imposes technical attitude towards the world. It is this attitude which engenders global modern problems, their further exacerbation is conducive to planetary catastrophe. We speak about the threat of destruction of both nature and tissue of human relations while they are more and more influenced by utilitarian and pragmatic, technical principle…The world today is looking forward to new approaches, new paradigms. Could we, representatives of the great culture, have right to keep silence in this environment?"

"It is time to think about tools which transform our inner world, change dramatically our benchmarks rather than technologies which change not the material world – external environment of civilization. This is the key to be considered while thinking about quality shifts of the postindustrial epoch".

In epoch of "general eschatological premonitions", in front of global crisis finding of formula of harmonic interaction of man and nature is directly connected with search of this new cultural paradigm.

Thus, it is natural in this search to address to the past experience, traditions of Russian culture occurring from trinity of Truth, Kindness and Beauty.

The phenomenon of Russian religious and philosophical renaissance the “Silver age”, Russian cosmism, spiritual and cultural heritage of the 20th century provides necessary capacities for it. Recognition yourself as a part of nature, Cosmos, unity with the world, explanation of this unity from natural, philosophical, cultural points of view were left by beginning of the 20th century.

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