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O.A. Cherkasova «Museum as the center of ecological education»

Need of these ideas is evident today when there is awareness of the fact that “…the humankind interacts with nature as a single biological specie and all civilizations should have some common vector of efforts…

I dare affirm – writes academician N. Moiseev – that bases of this “ecological arithmetic” do already exist. They have been already worked out by people. In any case by Russian philosophical tradition, Russian cosmism and the great Russian natural science of Dokuchaev, Vernadsky, Timofeev-Resovsky. Their foundation is recognition of yourself as an active part of nature (even in broader sense – Cosmos), unity with it, recognition yourself in the living world. This is belief in opportunity to put great principles of coevolution into life.

Thus, first and foremost, we should get aware of this “arithmetic”, be filled with the idea of unity, include it in our education, make a part of our common culture. Here I see our main commitment and our duty for the society and descendants”.

Tackling global planetary problems is impossible without account of this heritage, one of the main revelations of which is the notion of noosphere and laws of its development.

“Noosphere is a new geological phenomenon in our planet – V.I. Vernadsky wrote in his paper “Living material and biosphere” – For the first time the human-being becomes the largest geological force in it. He can and must rebuild a part of his life by his labour and thought, rebuild it dramatically compared to that was before. We face broader and broader opportunities. And probably generations of our grandchildren will approach to their heyday”.

V.I. Vernadsky called a new form of biochemical energy which forms biosphere “the energy of human culture”. Studies of noosphere became the most important part of evolution theory by Pier Teyar du Sharden. He considered that a new step of evolution will occur with participation and efforts of all the humanity. The mankind enters a completely new phase of biological cycle, “where evolution would continue in more complex field of spirit”.

Its development will occur, first and foremost, in collective and spiritual form, where the spirit and conscience are conditions for formation of the single humanity beyond races and nations. “We strife in vain to settle international conflicts by correcting borders or transforming the free human energy in entertaining “leisure” without changing our habits … Peaceful conquers, joyful labour are waiting for us outside any empire which counteracts other empires… in unanimous creation of Spirit of the Earth”.

Ideas of biological, cultural and spiritual unity of the mankind as manifestation of oracles of Cosmos, unexplainable in terms of politics, can be explained from the point of view of science, philosophy, culture, art, spiritual studies.

It is evident that search for a new paradigm of cultural development is only possible in this stream. The laws of evolution of human and environment as the single unity make immutable the influence of these goals on politics and ideology, eventually, on the Future of human civilization.

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