Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara
Nicholas Roerich
Estate Museum
in Izvara
O.A. Cherkasova «Synthesis of life»
(In regard to cultural and educations ideas of the Roerichs.)
Original in Russian

Defining spiritual and moral goals of children’s education N. Roerich said: “Children, love each other” – it is the commandment of the Best and the Highest. Hearts have to be opened and educated for love. But where is the access to the key of the Beautiful? Spirituality, religiosity, deed, heroism, benevolence, courage, tolerance and other flames of the Heart – don’t they blossom out in the garden of the Beautiful?”

Even more solemnly and definitely N.K. Roerich formulates the way to genuine Culture in the article “New Era”:

“Three great gifts are given to the mankind. Cognition of the One Spirit brings unity of love and religion in existence. Cognition of art wonder opens gates to the realm of Beauty. Cognition of space energy brings the idea of the single universally accessible Power. In the name of New Era we should take these three blessed gifts praying and acting”.

Applying these great notions to educational process Nicholas Roerich reaffirms the firmness of their hierarchy: “Foundation of schools is a sacred deed. Primate of Spirit is leaned upon correct bases free of prejudice”.

Following thoughts and feeling expressed in these high words let us recall another Roerich’s masterpiece which is, in our opinion, quintessence of his views on notions of religion, religiosity and, consequently, religious education – his philosophical and religious essay “God” each of which lines today represents living call for all thinking about culture:

“Now it is the time to recall God, to recall what was said in Old Testaments about the Non-Explained, Non-Pronounced, Non-Cognized, Infinitive and at the same so close and all-filling every man’s heart when he thinks about God”. Nicholas Roerich interlinks the notions of God and the Good which refers to learning and joy.

“Separation of God, separation of free, unlimited and light learning, separation from destined joy of improvement converts the significant Earth existence in the Island of Tears”.

Indeed, faith becomes the cornerstone on the way to the true Culture: «Lofty joy is destined, creative awe of thought is destined, a sweet smelling and washed Altar of Heart is destined. Not the Island of Tears but the Beautiful Garden, the Garden of Transfigured Labour and Knowledge is in hands of people addressed to God”.

We come again to the educational process which should help the child to approach to this high uniting notion, “without which it would be impossible to imagine the greatness of Unlimitness” – we find the note in N. Roerich’s essay which speaks of it broadly and definitely: “Sacred Immutability of the Highest is conceived in each child’s mind for the first time addressing numerous worlds and the same thought is in the light formula: “My Father had many abodes…”

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