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O.A. Cherkasova «Synthesis of life»
(In regard to cultural and educations ideas of the Roerichs.)
Original in Russian

“Trice notion of Culture” became the goal of world public movement for Protection of Human Cultural Achievements began from the famous the Roerich Pact. Its symbol was the Banner of Culture, Banner of Peace which contemporaries called “a new great world idea” capable of considerable change of lif? of the whole mankind, of becoming a milestone in its history.

“There are many individual interpretations of this simple red symbol, – A.V. Shibaev, member of the Organizing committee on preparation of the III International Convention devoted to the Roerich Pact, stated in his historical essay in 1935 – the most widespread are Religion, Art and Science as manifestations of Culture – or the Past, Present and Future Achievements of the Mankind surrounded by the Ring of Eternity”. Academician Roerich said that both interpretations are good because they manifest itself the synthesis of life, his governing principle.

Knowing that the Roerichs regarded this as the symbol of the New World, the World of Culture, let us address once again to its profound meaning the principle of “synthesis of life” which should become the active start, governing principle.

The notion of trinity of Culture components – religion, art and science – gradually enters in our life and is often encountered in publications concerning cultural building, in particular, in editions of Roerich’s societies. But the main question is: what of these notions is the leading one which makes them unity? A.V. Shibaev said in essay printed when Roerich was alive that the first place belongs to religion. Is it casual?

Let us draw attention to the works of N. Roerich concerning culture and education:

“Culture is worship of light. Culture is love to the human being. Culture is sweet smell, combination of life and beauty. Culture is synthesis of lofty and refined achievements. Culture is the tool of Light. Culture is salvation. Culture us engine. Culture is heart. If we gather all definitions of cultures we’ll find the synthesis of active Good, hearth of enlightenment and creative beauty”.

“Its great tree is nourished by cognition, creative labour, tireless creative life and noble deed. Stones of great civilizations strengthen the stronghold of Culture. But a diamond-adamant of the loving, learning and fearless heart shines on the tower of Culture. Love opens the Beautiful Gates”.

This only definition contains the principle of enlightened system, cultural education. Nicholas Roerich highlights the hierarchy of the main terms of this principle: cognition, enlightened labour, creative life and deed headed by the loving Heart.

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