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O.A. Cherkasova «N.K. Roerich and America»

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama proclaimed 1991 to be the International Year of Tibet and chose the Roerich's Banner of Peace to be its symbol. During the whole year the museum conducted various exhibitions and lectures on history, culture and religious beliefs of the Land of Snows.
The museum often welcomes school children and students. Many of them choose subjects related to Roerich for their essays, school projects or diploma works. All visitors notice a special ambience of this place – the atmosphere of silence and tranquillity. As many guests to the museum say, "Here you feel as if you were in the mountains".
After the death of Sinaida Fosdick on 16 July 1983, her co-worker and student Daniel Entin became the Director of the museum. Just like her, he continuously works and lives in the museum since that day, heading administrative and organizational activity, speaking to the visitors, answering letters and e-mails. And what is more, Daniel keeps the promise he gave to Sinaida Grigorievna to cooperate with the Russian followers of the Roerichs and to help as much as possible to the Roerich movement in Russia.
The museum has its own web-site on several languages, where one can find reproductions of Nicholas Roerich's paintings: It was created and is maintained now by museum's volunteers. Also museum keeps a large archive, part of which was published in Russia. At present, volunteers are busy scanning it to be published on the Internet, thus making it universally available.
The mission and responsibility of the Roerich Museum in New York are seen as preservation of Roerich's ideas of spiritual and cultural construction.

Web-site of N.K. Roerich's Museum in New York –

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Roerich Museum in New York, Izvara Estate- Museum put forward an initiative and prepared an exhibition "Roerich and America" on its premises which was opened in October 2003. This exhibition was a joint Russian-American project and was dedicated to the everlasting significance of the American period of Roerich's activity. The exhibits from the Izvara Estate-Museum were supplemented with the ones sent from New York.
The exhibition demonstrated unique photos, documents, first editions of Roerich's books printed in America, books published by the Museum and by the International Art Center "Corona Mundi" (Crown of the World), booklets, museum's placards, museum's employees’ letters and diaries, and so on.
Thus, diversified activity of Nicholas Roerich and his American employees to create the Roerich Museum and other cultural institutions in the USA, their contribution to the development of Russian-American cultural relationship and promotion of the ideas of the Roerich's Pact and the Banner of Peace became known to the cultured public of Russia.
The exhibition, introducing to the unfamiliar period of life and art of Nicholas Roerich in America, emphasizes the unique phenomenon in the history of Russian-American cultural relationship, that belongs both to Russia and to the USA, that is worth studying, popularizing and developing in new historical conditions.
There are all reasons to make contributions to this peacemaking process, to continue developing Russian-American cultural connections not only by means of the two Roerich's museums in New York and in Izvara, but by all interested cultural forces of the two countries.

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