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O.A. Cherkasova «N.K. Roerich and America»

Original in Russian

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Norman Bel Geddes, artist:
This is an important event for us here. In his paintings, though so much Russian, there is a spirit that reaches out to every man. Never before had a more truthful and clear-seeing artist come to our shores.

Henry Caro-Delville:
In our contemporary society, so positivistic and limited, he gives to fellow-artists an example of the aim they have to reach – an expression of the Inner Life.

Ivan Narodny, writer:
Just like Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Dostoevsky – he is one of those rising geniuses of the Russian history. In his case, just like it is with all great people of Russia, the works are a manifestation of prophetic tendency and deep religious feeling but without slightest didactics (moral admonition). The art of Master Roerich speaks to us the language without any words, the universal and sacred language; this is the language of inner aesthetic symbols which, just like the language of magi of ancient times, is intended for appearance of miracles in everyday life.

Dudley Crafts Watson, Director of the Milwaukee Art Society:
The exhibition is open and happens to be even more wonderful than we could have ever imagined. Your pictures do not require any explanations, but if I could reveal to some of all these people their powerful message of beauty and quality, inner spiritual struggle, peace of the spirit, I would consider my efforts compensated.

N.K. Roerich. «Building the Ships». 1903.
N.K. Roerich. «Building the Ships». 1903.

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