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Joy of Creation

Is not our epoch one of the most significant? Are not the most wonderful discoveries approaching for our daily use? And are we not becoming familiar with some of the most subtle energies? Is it not a happiness, not only to know about these energies but also to be able to utilize them actually in life? Before our very eyes, everything is being transformed. We know already how to divide our energies between individuals and the millions. And we know where and how to reach millions and how to exercise our energy with the individual.

The boundaries of spiritual life are broadening. And the physical frontiers are becoming flexible and vibrating. The idea of East and West—the idea of the twain which never shall meet—is to our mind already a fossilized idea. We are already ashamed to believe that superficial walls can exist and can divide the best impulses of humanity, this impulse of creative evolution. And now before our eyes is the so-called West and the so-called East. Piercingly they look at each other. They examine every movement of each other. They can be the closest friends and co-workers.

The West can easily understand the principal ideas of the East and cherish the eternal wisdom which is emanating from that part of the world, from where, as a fact, all religions and all creeds originated. And the great East is following the Western discoveries, and values the achievements of these creative minds. They desire the products of civilization. I avoid the questionable expression “mechanical”—because to my mind nothing is mechanical, when we know that matter and spirit is Energy, and we, as well as our Far-Eastern friends, are ready to accept the benediction of progressive evolution. But life through ignorance is full of misunderstandings. They are not enemies.

There are no enemies of evolution—there are misunderstandings; misunderstandings of family; misunderstandings of sex; misunderstandings of age; misunderstandings of countries; of continents, of worlds. And only through open-minded constructive thought can we solve them; when we are thinking not of ourselves but of the future generations. I repeat that the East can be a close friend, a most skilled co-worker, but this billion of people can also easily become an enemy through a simple misunderstanding. Is it not a beautiful task for our generation to solve the problem of misunderstanding, if we feel the oneness of the great Energy? The same single impulse of betterment, of upliftment, of creation, is the same for all humanity. With the same hand we may give our benediction and with the same hand we may commit murder. I do not believe in so-called varying conditions. One condition exists for all humanity—the mutual language of the heart, and with this language you destroy all misunderstandings because you are acting in full sincerity. You can proceed, you can surmount, because you know for what unifying purpose you are working. We speak so often about eternal peace, but from whence emanate the wars? From misunderstanding. And if we are so skillful in our discoveries, is it not also a most important discovery to determine how to solve the misunderstanding through the language of the heart? I am not speaking about anything metaphysical. After forty years of activity I affirm that everything is not ephemeral but if every energy can be discovered, measured and weighed, then in the same way our thought is also a tangible emanation. And the power of thought, without any metaphysical powers, can approach in the most friendly way each misunderstanding. Hence, from the highest, from the future, we can approach our reality. And our optimism is not the product of far-off dreams, but the result of studying dozens of countries and of approaching widely differing peoples, with quite varied psychologies. And after all, in spite of all variations, they are one. And the language of the heart, the language of love, is also one.

If the sign of malice is the minus, sharp as a piercing dart, then the sign of love is the plus, the eternal flaming cross which from immemorable time enlightened the consciousness and uplifted life.

Amidst the glaciers of the Himalayas, someone is coming from the summits. In his hands he carries a chalice. Whence has he come? And where shall he disappear in the cliffs, this silent, lonely pilgrim? Such are the unforgettable memories of the Himalayas. The carriers of the messages of Shambhala are recalling the links between the great traditions of the past and our aspirations of the future. He is the messenger of Rigden-jyepo, ruler of Shambhala, ruler of the future, ordainer of the coming achievements of humanity, who sends his messengers throughout the world.

From many nations have come these messengers. In devotion and reverence they bring the sacred message of the coming evolution.

What is the message? Throughout the world billions of hearts are beating. What shall link them together? In my article “Beauty the Conqueror” is the thought that the best way to approach an unfamiliar dwelling is in song. Not by night, not with covered face.

Unbound art, unprejudiced science, bring the smile of understanding. The great traditions of past and future, the high teaching which emanated from the eternal heights make it possible to approach the sacred spaces in cooperative understanding. Then hearts are opened and an immense blessed work is at hand.

Not war, not hatred, but the best constructive concepts shall bring to all the world the messengers of Rigden-jyepo, the ruler of Shambhala. The iron birds predestined by Buddha are already in flight, peacefully demolishing the conventional boundaries. In beautiful, scientific rays of Agni Yoga, evolution is knocking at the door. The messengers of Rigden-jyepo are speeding and blessed discoveries are bringing light and benediction to all mankind.

In twenty-five countries we have seen countless hearts who consider art, beauty, knowledge as the most unifying powers. Truly it is cause for the greatest enthusiasm to perceive how so many different peoples consider beauty and knowledge as the great motive power which set the stones for the coming progress.

Why have we the right to regard beauty and knowledge as real motive powers? For a moment imagine the history of humanity without the treasures of beauty and knowledge. For a moment erase from our memories the majestic images of Egypt and Assyria. Let us forget the beauty of the Gothic primitives, the enchantment of Buddhist glory and classic Greece. Let us disrobe the epics of heroes and rulers of the garb of beauty. How crude would the pages of history remain! Truly, not a single heroic achievement, not one constructive victory may be imagined without the sense of the beautiful. The form of life is the synthesis of evolution. Is it not inspiring to realize that the evolution of humanity culminates in beauty? A beautiful conception of life is growing in America and throughout the world. Humanity begins to realize that the summa summarum of art and knowledge is the noblest crest of the nations.

When we begin to think about something constructive, upbuilding, forward looking, not accidentally to our minds come both the lofty towers of North America and the majestic outlines of South America.

Not occasionally, on the sites of the most ancient culture, are growing the seeds of new peaceful conquests and erection. Pan-America stands as a balance of Asia. It is most instructive to learn how, on the places of the most ancient achievements, are growing the new flowers of human attainments. Even from the cold-blooded scientific point of view, we are already accustomed to speak about currents, rays and emanations. These emanations of culture fertilize the soil, and who knows, perhaps they provide the real enthusiasm of this constructive spirit.

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