Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara
Nicholas Roerich
Estate Museum
in Izvara



“Ye Birds, Homas, ye beautiful!

You You do not love the earth— Never will you descend to earth! Your birdlings are born in heavenly nests. You are nearer the Sun. Let us ponder about the sun, the Resplendent!

But the Devas of Earth are also miraculous.

Upon the Summits of Mountains, in the depths of seas, seek patiently.

Thou shalt find a glorious Stone of Lore,

In Thy heart search for Brindavan, abode of Love.

Seek patiently and you will find. Let the Ray of Wisdom pierce us. Then all which moves will become affixed. The shadow will become the body. The spirit of air will return to land. The dream will be transformed into thought.

We will not be moved by the storm.

We shall rein the winged steeds of morning.

We will guide the currents of the evening wind.

Thy Word is the Ocean of Truth. Who turns our ships to the shore? Do not fear Maya. Her untold might and power we shall conquer.

Harken! Harken! Have done with dissension and fights.”

Surendra Gayatri prayed.

From the stones of the city he went to the shades of Aranyani. And in the blissful stillness he rested.

But the battle began.

Kings of the ancient lands set plans to shatter the sacred vessels!

Let the wisdom of Nilgiri perish!

Let the Ghat and Khunda ranges droop!

Let Gaya be destroyed.

The river Falgu shall over-flow! Naught can break the terror— Fire and arrows,

Poison and deadly thunders rain from above and below. Black birds are flying.

The people found Gayatri.

The people approached him.

The people besought his help.

The people, in despair, compelled Gayatri to change his good prayers.

“Forget your righteous prayers, Gayatri. Search the mortal word. Find the deadly eye. Pray for oath of victory.

“Farewell, Aranyani!

Farewell, celestial silver and gold!

Farewell, thou most quiet forest!” Gayatri hears the calls. Gayatri departs from the forest. Gayatri ascends the summit. Gayatri is alone.

Gayatri encircles himself with a Ray. Gayatri prays with all his being:

“Lion and Swan!

Eagle and deer!

Bull, lion, eagle!

Ruler of the World!

Ruler of the Stars and the Moon!

Ruler of Light and of the Sun!


“Do not invoke the Black Age! Our strength is exhausted. Asleep is the sacred jewel! No longer it defeats the wandering spirits. No longer it stays our enemies.

“Sound the command for hostilities.

Sound the command of strength!

A conjuration for victory!

Let us defeat the enemy. Say the words of Nagaima. Bestow the strength of Exola. Bestow the deadly word. Open the deadly eye. Rakshasi conquered the people.

Samyasa, Leader of the Sons of Heaven, Ruler of the

Serpents, also taught Power. Azaciel also taught the forging of arms. Amazaraka also revealed the mysterious powers of herbs and roots.

They are dark, evil, insignificant. But You are able. You have Power. Allelu! Allelu! Allelu!”

The Supreme hears Gayatri.

The Supreme shall fulfil Gayatri’s request.

The Supreme does not admit the destruction of Nilgiri.

Dear to the Supreme is the wisdom of the summits.

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