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The Boundaries of the Kingdom

This so happened in India. A son was born to a King. All-powerful fairy witches, as is the custom, brought their gifts to the Prince.

The most benevolent of them pronounced the conjuration:

“The Prince will never see the boundaries of his kingdom.”

All thought that this prophecy foretold a kingdom limitless in boundaries.

But years passed, the Prince grew up, good and wise, but did not increase his kingdom.

The Prince began to rule. But he did not lead his armies to destroy his neighbors and thus did not enlarge the boundaries. And every time when he wished to inspect the boundaries of his kingdom, the mist covered the mountains of the borderlands.

In the waves of clouds new distances were created. And the clouds whirled up like high castles and structures.

But each time, the King returned to his palace full of new power, wise in all earthly decisions.

Jubilant were the people, glorifying their King, who without war could raise his kingdom and make it famed even in distant countries.

But when all is benevolent on earth, then the black serpent cannot rest under the ground.

Thus three old haters of mankind began to whisper:

“We are full of fright. Our King is obsessed by strange powers. Not a human mind has our King. Who knows, maybe such a mind is destructive of the current of earthly forces! A man should not be above human conception.

“We are marked by earthly wisdom and we know the limits. We know all charms and temptations.

“Let us save our King, let us make an end to the magic charms. Let our King know his boundaries. Let the fire of his mind be lessened. Let his wisdom become restricted within good human limits. When he shall see his boundaries, he will no longer ascend the mountain. And then he shall remain with us.”

And the three haters of mankind came together to the King—the three old ones—pointing to their gray beards, and for wisdom’s sake inviting him to ascend with them a high mountain. And there on the summit all three of them pronounced a conjuration. A conjuration to subdue the King’s power within human limits:

“Lord, thou who guardest the limits of men!

“Thou, who alone canst measure the mind. Thou fillest the flow of mind in the limits of the current of the earth!

“Upon a turtle, upon a dragon, upon a serpent I shall swim. But I shall learn my limits. On a unicorn, on a tiger, on an elephant I shall swim. But I shall learn my limits.

“On a leaf of a tree, on the blade of a grass, on a flower of the lotus I shall swim. But I shall learn my limits.

“Thou, Lord, shalt reveal my shore. Thou shalt indicate my limits.

“Every one knows and thou knowest. No one is greater. Thou art greater. Deliver us from charms.”

Such was the conjuration the haters of mankind pronounced.

And at once as a purple chain, the summits of the limiting mountains became aglow.

The haters of mankind turned away their faces. Bowed low.

“Here, King, are thy boundaries.”

But the best of the fairy witches was already hurrying from the Goddess of the benevolent earthly wanderings.

The King did not have time to follow the advice of the three old haters of mankind, and to look. Over the peaks there suddenly rose a purple city. And behind it, veiled in mists, lay hitherto unseen regions. Over the city flew a fiery host. And the signs of highest wisdom began to glow in the heavens.

“I do not see my boundaries,” exclaimed the King.

And he returned exalted in spirit. He filled his reign with most wise decisions.

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