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Nicholas Roerich
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in Izvara
O.A. Cherkasova «Synthesis of life»
(In regard to cultural and educations ideas of the Roerichs.)
Original in Russian

Educators should have the same features. They must be ready to help for the good any time during day and night… Helping they always study because “we get giving”. They are not afraid because know that fear opens the gates of Darkness.

An educator is always young because his hear does not age. He is moving because force is in movement. He is vigilant at constant watch for Good, Learning and Beauty. He knows what collaboration means.

Educators are interwoven by heart threads. Mountains and oceans are not obstacles for these burning hearts. They are not dreamers but smiling builders and ploughmen”.

Nicholas Roerich calls “sacred” the process of school organization.

Notion of Teacher is sacred, his role and requirements posed to him by evolution are great: the teacher should introduce the world of beauty, science, all highest and sacred notions to a child. Thus, “let make the teacher the most valuable person in the country establishment”.

Educational process is to be the process of joint creative work of the teacher and student: “Not the given lesson but joint strife makes the world wonderful. To open student’s eyes means to love the great creation together”.

Then: “Any profanation of Saviour and Heroes leads to running wild and plunges in chaos. How could one explain that chaos is close, there is no need to cross the ocean to reach it. It is also difficult to explain that running wild begins from the simplest thing. What is left when the treasure of solemnity is lost, pearls of knowing heart are scattered?”

One should hurry up because “bases of contemplation… are formed not in youth but earlier. This sagacious mind of a child needs to be filled with… the lightest thoughts…»

Thus, papers of Nicholas and Elena Roerich provide comprehensive and detailed outlines for action, principles of attitude towards culture and education based on immutable laws of development of human evolution, its High Goals – aspiration to the Highest, Fire World by inner transfiguration of man, his attitude towards the world in general including nature.

Elaborated integral educational programme is left for us as guidance for action. They constantly put in into practice.

“You know that we, the main educators’ group introduced the same bases for construction of enlightening activities in America… Basics of Ethics and Culture are needed everywhere…Without these healing bases we are threatened to return in wild and chaos. “With weapons of Light in right and left hands”Roerich wrote: “It is not abstract but the great core reality. I send you our old thoughts as the basis for new unbreakable structures.

Accumulate courage and farewell!

Thought of Culture opens Gates to Future”.

Let this wonderful call inspire all of us “in tireless labour for General Good”.

“Everything good, everything cognitive should be greeted. We begin our new work in this cordial greeting, in this adamant aspiration to cooperation…”

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