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Roerich's behests exposed a trend that was new for that time – service to culture. The students were educated in the vein of introducing them to the synthesis of arts. The New School aroused interest, influential people came to teach there and soon the Institute was able to move into larger premises: a beautiful mansion house situated on Hudson embankment in the northern part of Manhattan, on the 103th Avenue.
During the first ten years more than 150 specialists were instructing in all types of arts in the Master Institute of United Arts.
Roerich, however, did not limit himself to organizing only that institution in the United States. According to his statements: "The light of Arts shall move many a heart with new love". It was that motto that had been laid as the foundation of another cultural centre founded by N.K. Roerich in America – International Arts Centre "Corona Mundi" or "The Crown of the World". The name symbolized the idea of world art being available to broad masses in its educational, aesthetic and artistic aspects.
"Corona Mundi" was inaugurated by the exhibition of Roerich's paintings written in America.
These works ("Ocean" suite, "New Mexico" series, "Arizona") embodied the spirit of America. The created centre put was designed to introduce the Americans to the art of other countries and peoples, to establish the international language of art as means of mutual understanding, to support young artists. Starting from 1923 several exhibitions were organized presenting the works of both famous American painters and sculptors such as Robert Henry Rockwell Kent, William Zorach, Gaston Lachaise, and old Italian and Flemish masters: Veronese, Rubens, Dirk Hals, Hieronymus Bosch to name just a few. The exhibitions were sent to major cities, universities, museums and galleries of the country. In 1924 an exhibition of Russian icons was organized, later the exhibition of Tibetan art, then the pictures of American Indians, Australian art and many more. Thus the centre's activity implemented the Roerich's idea of the universal language of art. The press always emphasized the high quality of exhibitions organized by "Corona Mundi".

N.K. Roerich. «Blue Temples (Grand Canyon, Arizona)». 1921.
N.K. Roerich. «Blue Temples (Grand Canyon, Arizona)». 1921.

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